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    My high school senior has been homeschooled for all of high school, but last year and this year has several community college classes. Two of his SOE's are already being done by community college professors. For three of his four years, I was his math teacher. We're a little concerned about the fact that his math teacher at the CC has only known him for a few weeks (the other professors have known him for over a year.) Is he better off with an outside teacher who doesn't know him as well doing his SOE, or his parent doing the SOE? We realize that neither is ideal.
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    My DD attended one year of college prior to acceptance at USMA. She knew that the SOE's would be required. In anticipation of that, as soon as class started she was up front with the professors informing them of the expected review, participated as much as possible, and discussed any concerns that she had with the professors regarding subject material. With that being said, the professors were able to identify that she was a hard worker and conscientious about her studies which enabled them to write a review even though they had not known her for much time.
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    Have you checked with admissions? My grandson is not applying to the USMA but is at USNA and USAFA. He homeschooled while taking dual credit math courses likewise through a local CC. These classes are streamed to local high schools in our area and so the teachers are not acquainted with individual students.

    Admissions informed us that in such cases, evaluation letters from community and church leaders would suffice.