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    I have seen on many posts that indicates that USNA will look at a school profile along with your GPA and ranking. Exactly what is in a school profile?

    I go to a school where they specifically set the IB program there to bring up the school's academic rating (at least it seems). Between the IB program and the rest of the school there really is a huge contrast in academics. The overall graduation rate still hovers in the 50's to low 60's and most grads go to technical/community colleges. All IB students attend 4 year colleges.
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    The school profile shows information such as how many students attend the school, how many graduate and attend college, how many AP and Honors course are available, where the students place in the SAT and SAT subject tests and how many national merit scholars the school has, etc. One of it's uses is to allow colloges to rank students for those high schools that do not provide rankings. It should be available from your school. I know ours is available on the school website.

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