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    Everyone thank you for answering my questions. I have another question if everyone could help me answer. My rank in highschool is 134 out of 639 for weighted GPA and 204 out of 639 for unweighted. I have been trying to get my rank up. I am taking multitple AP classes and Honors classes. I sometimes get Bs in them, so thats why my unweighted is so low. But i'm worried that this will affect me. Thank you for taking your time to read this and have a great day!!
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    Sounds like you might go to a high school that actually challenges students. The academies will know if your school is one that makes students earn grades or if grades are inflated.

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    You shouldn't worry about it because there is nothing you can do about the way a college evaluates various aspects of your application. In my opinion getting at least a "B" in an AP/Honors courses is better than a higher grade in the standard curriculum. This is a generalization and doesn't hold true for some high schools that have very rigorous non-AP courses. USMA evaluates many data points of which class rank is only one.

    Like most colleges, USMA geographically distributes admissions officers (RC's) so they can become familiar with the strengths and weakness of the schools in their region. Your RC should be able to put your class rank in its proper perspective.

    Your situation illustrates why class rank is almost as bad as GPA in evaluating applicants. High schools run the gamut in weighting AP/Honors classes, from no additional weight to a full letter grade bump. Is the weight too much or too little compared to the standard course? The answer varies by school and makes it more difficult to compare students at the same high school as well as different schools.