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    I applied for NROTC at USC, Georgetown, Cal Maritime, Miami University (in Ohio), and Northwestern - in that order. However, I only have a 3.3 GPA (at a top 100 California HS, and I currently have a 4.0 for the semester and am taking an honors course) and a 29 ACT composite, 33 Reading, 29 Science, 31 English, and 25 Math.

    I have already been accepted at Miami, but I am scared that putting good schools (USC, Georgetown, Northwestern) in my top five is hindering my chance of receiving a scholarship. I also believe that those three school are all reaches... so that might also affect my chances at a scholarship.

    So I guess my question is, did I ruin my chance at an NROTC scholarship? Or do they look at all schools separately and I might still have a chance?

    Also, I applied Tier 2 Economics, but also applied for the LREC program, with fluent Hebrew under my belt.

    And as far as extra curriculars go, I've played starting Varsity softball at my high school since freshman year, I volunteer at youth softball clinics and as a U12 softball coach and U10 soccer coach, I ran XC this year, I starting my own video production company, am webmaster for a travel softball team, attended a Jewish Teen Leadership conference in DC, and am part of a 2 year program that teaches Jewish teens how to advocate for Israel.
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