Schools more lenient on ROTC applicants?


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Aug 5, 2007
Hey guys,

someone in school told me that schools are often alittle more lenient on some of the people enrolling through ROTC for admissions... Is this true?
Lenient about what?

Police records? :confused:

Poor grades? :confused:

Sloppy admissions essays? :confused:

Adherence to deadines? :confused:

What are you looking for them to be lenient about?
Exar, This is a very subjective area which I highly doubt that the schools will officially address. Any opinions you receive will probably be speculative. With that said, I doubt if it could possibly hurt you.
Exar Ganis - do you mean to ask that if you are offered an ROTC scholarship it guarantees you admission???

Admission to a college/university is offered through the admission department. Whether or not the scholarship gives you an edge is up to them. I wouldn't think of it like a Div I athletic scholarship.
This is a good time to call the admissions depts at the schools you would like and ask directly if they weight an ROTC scholarship in their decisions.

It may vary from school to school. My experience w/ my son is that it did vary.

You will also have to find a way to deal w/ your perceived applicaton weakness.

I know a guy who was admitted to USNA w/o stellar academics because he is a very good athlete. Even his own mother was surprised.
We are still early in the process for my son, who is a junior, but, in our correspondence with universities that do weigh as a factor the receipt of a ROTC scholarship, it is just that: a factor for consideration. So basically, if considering candidates who are, for the most part, equal and one of them has a ROTC scholarship, that individual might be given the nod. However, if your qualifications are significantly less than the typical admitted candidate for a given school, it is not likely to help you.
That decision - to weigh as a factor the award of a ROTC scholarship - is solely up to the school's admissions department. College admissions take many criteria into consideration - that MAY be one.

They are under NO obligation to offer you admission because of your scholarship.
The schools my son applied, only one asked if he was an applicant for ROTC scholarship. Another found out from ROTC well after he was admitted and changed his merit aid package so our cost was zero. Really it was a plus to him with the monthly pay.

UF where my son is it would not make a difference to them, it is extremely hard to get in. They had a record number of applicants last year, rejected record numbers 53% but the do love ROTC kids. ROTC was mandatory for guys up until 1968. ROTC get lots of special run of the school, they can do PT were they want (great for when it is raining). My son knows the Swamp and OConnell Center very well. Work the football games and get tickets in the endzone...good seats....... Parking cars or taking tickets.
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