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    I'm a little confused as to how West Point selects candidates with Service-Connected nominations. I qualify for SDVET nom and Presidential Nom due to both of my parents service. I hear that only 40 or so candidates qualify for SDVET and there are 15 available appointments. Does this mean I'll only be compete ting against the 40 that have SDVET nom? I hear "the more nominations, the better", but I'm confused as how candidates are appointed and how West Point or any service academy uses the nominations. Thank you so much for your time, I couldn't find much info about SDVET noms!
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    First, you need to careful when you use the word "qualify." You can "qualify" for SDVET nomination, but you might not be "qualified" for admissions. A check and balance of the nomination process is that West Point has to determine the candidate to be qualified for admissions. My RC told me that there was a candidate with 5 nominations (2 senator, 1 congressman, 1 presidential, 1 ROTC) that didn't get an appointment.

    In general, candidates compete within the nomination category - a candidate can compete in multiple cateogries as long as he or she has a corresponding nomination. Based on 4400 number limits, USMA does not fill all "avaiable" appointments. There are approximately 4800+ appointments opportunties. So not all appointment slots will be used. So if there is strong Congressional showing, some of the non-Cognressional appointments will not be filled that year.

    I am not a lawyer, but since the law doesn't state "in following order" West Point can fill different nomination category as they see fit and not fill 100% of SDVET appointments.
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