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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by nsbUSNA, Aug 10, 2015.

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    I am a reapplicant to USNA this year and I received an email offering me an opportunity to do a CVW. I did a CVW last year when I was going through the admissions process. I had an amazing time and the experience really helped to solidify my desire to attend USNA. However I am not sure that my NROTC commitment this year will allow me to do a second CVW. I know that the purpose of the CVW is to help people decide if USNA is for them so it may not be necessary for me.

    Is there any benefit to doing a second CVW? Does attending a CVW this admissions cycle (or last cycle) benefit my application at all/does turning down a CVW harm my application at all?
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    Unfortunately, although you received an offer to do a CVW again, it was a mistake and candidates are only allowed to go on one no matter how many years they apply. If you contact admissions they will realize their mistake and withdraw the offer and give it to someone who has never gone. This scenario has happened to a few others in the last couple of days on this forum- just take a look. Good luck!
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    I am reapplicant too. Where are you going to college this year?

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