Second semester freshman receiving a hard ARC.


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Jan 3, 2017
I just came back for my second semester to be met with a hard ARC Ac Pro decision. I am being recommended for disenrollment. I have my appeal tomorrow, and I don't know what to do. A little backstory:

My GPA went from 1.7 at Prog to 1.36 at the end of the semester. With that, I had eight weeks in the QRC, more EI hours, finished all WACQ hours, etc. I worked my butt off to study, dealt with conduct/aptitude probation (which is a help at the moment), and stuff like that.

Any help?
Wish I had something better to offer other than your AOC. I thought I had seen similar issues here from past years, but can't seem to find it at the moment.

So, I'd say don't be afraid of talking to your AOC openly about your desire to stay.
Sorry to hear of the situation. But you mention conduct/aptitude also. So you seem to have multiple issues going on. I went to an academic board (assuming this is the USAFA equivalent) my first semester Plebe Year. My professors all had high remarks of me attending EI, class participation, work done on time, etc. I think that is what saved me. Second semester I was in the 2.5 range and never had an issue again. Not sure how USAFA works, but for the most part at USNA, Plebes are retained and given a second semester to prove themselves, especially if they put the effort in. I often use the Dr Phil quote, "How is that working for ya?" What you did first semester didn't work. So be prepared to tell the board what you did well and what you plan to change. I think you need to evaluate where you are studying, what you are studying, how you are studying and how it can be changed. Leave your cell phone in the room, get out of your room to study, work with tutors to discover different note taking and study techniques. Less sleep doesn't mean better grades. There is a happy medium of being alert, receptive and studying the right things. I think you need to focus on some of these things next semester. Good luck. Be honest, open and be prepared to be beat up. Let us know how it goes. It will help future Cadets to who run into this.
You need to convince people that you both desire (strongly) to stay, and will actually succeed.

Do you have instructors who think you can/will succeed? Get them to support you in writing.
Get you AOC and AMTs to do the same.