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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by jazjar, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Hello, before I was appointed this year I switched ROTCs at my unit to go to NROTC earlier in the semester. As a result I do not have AROTC on my transcript (No W, but it's not there), but I do not have the Navy class either due to the fact that back when I switched, it was too late in the semester to add the class, however I am still technically a part of the NROTC unit.

    Is this something I should tell West Point, or am I ok?
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    Just out of curiosity, if you want to be an Army officer, why did you quit AROTC? As for an answer to your question, I don't believe USMA will care about a class for which you're not receiving credit. If you do choose to tell them, I'd be prepared to answer the question above.
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    If you ever have to ask the question, "Should I tell West Point x", the answer is always yes. You will never run into trouble by providing too much information; not revealing any information is where you will run into trouble. As for your particular situation, if West Point believes anything otherwise, then you should tell them so that they can know. If they think you aren't a member of any ROTC unit, then this can only help you.
    I agree with Jcc, too. I think it's rather odd that you would transfer out of an AROTC unit if you intend to be an Army officer, so be prepared to explain yourself.

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