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    I am at a crossroad. I can either retake plebe courses (chem, physics, calc, com sci) at my community college for the summer or I can take four online poli and hist courses, two of each, that are counted in my major and GPA and are at a four-year school. What should I do if I am still reapplying to the academy for the second time - a kinda third time?
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    Oft repeated advice is that most important thing for re-applying is to take plebe courses and do well. So have you taken those courses at collegiate level already (since you say "retake")? Or maybe you just meant AP courses? What will you take in the fall semester? USNA doesn't look at college applicant until their fall semester grades are in, so you'll have summer and fall course work on your transcripts.
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    Not enough information to provide any meaningful advice. What have you been doing this year ? (First year out of high school).
    The REAPPLICANT sticky above is good gouge, but really most meaningful to the first reapplication. You start heading into less charted territory (but certainly not unheard of) when you are in your second year of college .

    The first thing you should ask yourself is whether you are really competitive, and what you can do different. This is one of the times I would suggest asking your Admissions Officer and/or BGO. The other questions is whether reapplication is worthwhile, ie. you will have completed two years of college before entering USNA. Only you can answer that one.

    If you reapply, your objective should be to demonstrate that you are pursuing a rigorous curriculum parallel to what you would encounter at USNA. Realistically, I don't think either of the two plans you describe above are optimum, but if your options are limited (by financial constraints for example), you need to make the most of the opportunities available. The characteristics USNA is looking for doesn't change - academics, sports, leadership, activities, all go into the mix .

    Good luck.