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    I finished the form, and I have some questions. What do they basically do to check my background? I'm just quite curious. (Worst thing I did was have disciplinary issue once in high school, which was listed in my application and passed).
    Do they call up the people I listed on the contacts? They're my close friends pretty much and my "aunt"(mom's best friend)
    Will my parents not being U.S. Citizenship negatively impact me? both of my 2 siblings have been naturalized.
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    You will be screened for a basic secret security clearance as a cadet (I'm assuming).

    The exact details of the investigation are not released. It would give any person investigated an advantage to "cover up" any skeletons in the closet.

    For a secret clearance, you parents citizenship should not matter. However, I cannot speak for a TS, or Top Secret, clearance. I do know that it could prevent you from some super secret squirrel operations within the AF.

    I remember a squadmate of mine was once denied a special duty assignment because his wife's mother was Korean. Granted, this assignment called for a clearance far above a TS.

    What nationality are your parents?

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