Security Clearances


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Oct 20, 2006
Going to the Naval Academy requires a Secret Security Clearance. From my understanding and correct me if I am wrong, the Secret clearance requires a couple of electronic records checks and a financial records check while the Top Secret clearance requires those checks as well as field interviews. What MOSs or assignments would require a Naval/Marine officer to have a Top Secret Security Clearance? Also, I have been reading about these clearances and it was noted that for the Top Secret Security Clearance, the investigator will normally interview those references listed on the SF-86 form and then develop additional names based on those interviews. It said that inquiries about neighborhood activities will be made. Should neighbors be listed as references or will the investigator find where I live/lived and start calling or knocking on doors? Also, does DSS, NCIS, or some other agency make the investigation? Thanks.