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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by warrior21, Aug 15, 2011.

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    So today DODMERB mailed a letter about a remedial and I looked up the code and they want me to send information about my seizure history. So i had maybe a couple when I was really young, I wasn't epiletic, it was just a disorder,but after roughly 3 years of taking medicine I was "cured' anyways I havent had a a seizure since I was like 3, it's not exercise induced, it's not induced by flashing lights or anything like that, so what are the chances it's not a problem and I'll be cleared?
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    Very young children can have febrile seizures in which they don't seem to have any further issues later in life.

    The fact that you needed medication shows that your seizures were likely not that type and may have been a bit more concerning at the time. The fact you haven't had any since age 3 is a positive factor, but it is tough to comment on the likelihood of a waiver in this case.

    The biggest factor they will likely consider is their perception of how likely a recurrence may be. If you are at higher risk of having seizures in the future due to your history then a waiver will likely be tough to get. If there is no increased risk then I could see a favorable decision.

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