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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by hugaber15, Nov 9, 2010.

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    I am a junior in high school. My goal is to be an officer in the Navy or Army. I intend to serve at least 20 years, my first choice is the Naval Academy or West point. With the level of competition it makes sense to apply for an NROTC and ROTC scholarship also. I am wondering how "difficult" it to be chosen for one of the scholarships. I will list my stats any feedback would be helpful.

    3.8 GPA.
    1350 Sat's.
    Top 20 percent of class
    Will have six varsity letters 3 football 3 wrestling.
    Captain of football team junior year. Will be captain of both football and wrestling team senior year.
    IB Physics, Ib English, Ib history, Pre calculus and calculus
    Outdoor school counselor for three years
    National honor society
    Coach of a little league team for three years. two an an assistant one as head coach.

    Any feedback would be helpful. If I had the choice (and I know life is not perfect). I would really like to attend Tulane, Santa Clara or University of San Fransisco.
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    Your stats are all very strong with one exception: you are not top 10% in your class. top 20% is still great, but understand that West Point and Annapolis are both very difficult classroom environments. You don't have as much time to study as you do in HS because you're doing so many other training activities during the day and evening, and even weekends (mandatory attendance at football games, as an example).

    I'd say you're strong for NROTC (depending on campus... you are not strong for Stanford, Cornell, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Berkeley, MIT, etc. but strong for Universities ranked 50-150 by USNWR) and about average for Annapolis.

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