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    Does anyone have any experience with spending a semester in a foreign country?
    I am curious about the requirements, scheduling issues, and which semesters are available.

    Thanks! :thumb:
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    Typically its during your junior (2*) year, though DS has 2 Firstie friends going abroad this fall.

    It was a continuation of their foreign language for most of the people DS knows who went abroad

    Coordinate with your academic advisor
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    Well I thought it was mainly the fall of your firstie year. Anyway, our son is exchanging with the Spain Air Force Academy this fall. He leaves the end of August. He was selected last fall and had to arrange the remaining classes he had left to take at the Academy to coincide with courses that would transfer from Spain (i.e. he took Aeronautical engineering his junior year and will take Aerospace Engr. in Spain). He will be home some in August after school starts at the Academy and before he leaves for Spain. Basically, the Spain semester starts later and ends later. He will have a shorter Christmas break in exchange for some extra time this August.

    Classes are on a pass/fail basis. Obviously, his minor is Spanish. I should know more when he returns at Christmas. In hindsight, he should have asked to skip the first two semesters of Spanish, and then he would have been eligible to go his junior year. After taking those first 2 semesters of Spanish, he now knows he would have been fine to skip those classes but when they are just starting out after Basic, they just go with what someone schedules them for sometimes.

    I think priority is first to those cadets majoring in Foreign Area Studies, but anyone is eligible to apply. Depends also on your major as his good friend is a French minor and Physics major, and they would not let him exchange because of the courses of his major.

    If you are a current cadet, then you should be able to look in the online Curriculum Handbook as there is a section that details the exchange program. Programs are available for military and civilian college exchanges.
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