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    For the midshipmen in the Semper Fi Society, how big a factor is being in the Semper Fi Society helped in OCS and TBS?
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    Can anyone elaborate on the Semper Fi Society? Is it for prior Marine Mids or Mids planning to go USMC? How often to they meet? Any details would be greatly appreciated.
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    Semper Fi Society is a club. It is run by the active duty Marines on the yard. It is open to any Mids to join. Mostly it is Mids who are interested in going Marine Corps for service selection. Prior enlisted are also welcome to join the club. They host a variety of activities such as weekend field training, hikes, other Marine oriented training (o-course, endurance course, martial arts training, etc), lectures, mixers to talk with Marines and other activities along these lines. Usually there are a few activities a month. If a Midshipman is interested in going Marine Corps it is a great club to gain exposure to the USMC and get to know the Marines on the yard.

    I was not in Semper Fi Society as a Mid, mostly because as a basketball player I didn't have time for really anything else beside basketball, academics and trying to find sleep. i did attend a few meetings when possible and other events out of season. Did it hurt me for TBS? No. Leatherneck did a great job preparing me for TBS. Leatherneck is a great program and will prepare a Mid for TBS without an issue. Second semester Firstie year, Mids will also take a class that is related to their service selection. This class is great prep for commissioning. It is taught by a Marine Officer and they will ensure you are ready to go for TBS.

    Prior enlisted Marines are constantly watched by the Marine Officers and Senior Enlisted on the yard. Although they may no longer wear their Marine uniforms, they expect them to be leaders and do well. They also will provide that extra nudge or resources if they are struggling with school or other things. There is nothing official in all this, but is is just Marines watching out for Marines. My class had 3 prior enlisted Marines go Navy, 1 by choice (he was color blind and chose to go Navy Intel) and 2 who were not selected by the USMC because of poor performance as Mids (trust me these guys did not do well at all in academics, physical, leadership. One even managed to fail a class called History of the Marine Corps). The rest commissioned USMC without an issue.

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