Sending Packages to Plebe Candidates

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    I've learned a few tips about sending packages to the new Plebe Candidates that might be helpful for others.

    If you're sending any package, include the street address. So, a proper address would be:
    Plebe Candidate John Doe
    300 Steamboat Road
    Kings Point, NY 11024-1699

    Only boxes sent through the US Postal Service go directly to the mail room. The DSs and DDs receive slips in their boxes notifying them that a package has arrived for them. They claim them, but the boxes are opened under supervision, and DS/DD may or may not get to keep some or all of the contents, especially if it's food.

    Boxes sent through Fed Ex, UPS, or any other private carrier do not go to the mail room but to the GSK, which stands for General Storage Keeper. This is located in a totally different place on the campus. The GSK receives all truck deliveries and stores goods and supplies for distribution to Academy departments and to the regiment of midshipmen. My DS had to go to the GSK on his own and inquire about the box he had been expecting. Then, he signed for it, but was unable to take possession of it directly; it's scheduled to be delivered to his room - presumably after some kind of inspection.

    There seem to be different experiences with what the Plebe Candidates are able to keep and what goes elsewhere. It can be frustrating to go to the trouble to do a lot of baking, only to find out later that your DS or DD never got a bite. Take your cues from your DS or DD before you send anything, especially food-related.
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    Goofed and did not waive signature, now what?

    I sent my son something Express Mail (USPS) and forgot to ask to waive the signature. Will he be able to sign for it and how do I guide him to do so?

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    He won't have to sign off, someone from the usmma will and he'll just have t
    o pick it up at his box. :)

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