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May 15, 2007
My D was just recognized by the State Representatives office for a service award. And then a few days later for a sports award from the local city council. Then an article from the local paper. Is it appropriate to send these items to our RGO. Any advice from anyone would be very helpful.

2. Also throughout the next senior year as things happen, such as winning awards or events, or adding community service how do you go about adding this information to the packet.

BTW I really appreciate all the great information you guys have shared in the past and this is the most informative forum I have found.
our D sent in updates frequently. She just took the resume type thing she had initially sent and added to it (not removing the old just updating the info) and then sent it with a cover letter indicating she wanted to update her file and that a current resume of achievement was enclosed. I think througout the year she probably updated it 4-6 times. She probably sent an update in every other month or so. We had been told by several people to keep that file as current as possible. It took her some real time to keep that thing current but the effort was well worth it because come time for interviews and essays she had very easy access to everything she had done so they were easier to incorporate into her essays and even being prepared for various interview questions. . . .
Regional Guidance Officer would be my guess...Same as a 'CGO,' right?

For me, I just emailed my regional office with any updates and they added them to my file. I like the new resume idea, I might do that this year.
Once you get into the CIS, it will have a blurb on currency and tell you when and how to do updates.

Okay, gotcha. Regional Directors in the Candidate Guidance Office.
wrong name right idea

Regional director... Sorry I'm a NEWBIE:oops: