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    When u register for the ACT, u get like 4 colleges which they will submit ur scores to free of charge. I registered to take the ACT this September, selected the 4 schools, and am now registered.

    However, i was wondering does submitted scores help u get noticed (if they are decent)?

    or will college admission officers be thinking who the heck randomly sent in these scores- becoming a negative impression?

    or it is rather neutral either way by having them sent in?

    4 colleges were: usna, usafa, usmm, and UVA
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    There is not much disadvantage to sending them early. the schools will hold them until you start your file. (civvy colleges as well)

    The only potential downside is if you really bomb the earlier tests.

    Since the academies superscore, you can always replace a later test, and it may actually help to be able to show steady improvement in your score. IE: You don't get penalized for trying to improve, if anything it helps.

    The few schools who do not superscore also typically require you to submit all tests. Typically Ivy leagues, etc.

    There are big advantages to sending early:
    - You don't have to wait & pay separately
    - It's one less item to get in late and worry about if they received it
    - As soon as you open your file you will be able to confirm they have the scores loaded

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