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    Nov 12, 2010
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    For my high school, we are beginning to register for our senior year classes..and I have a fairly big dilemna.
    science/math courses already taken/ enrolled in:
    Honors Biology/Chemistry/Geometry/Algebra 2
    AP Psychology/Anatomy
    IB Math (basically Calc A/B)

    My schedule this year:
    AP English Lit and Comp
    AP anatomy
    AP Psychology
    IB Music Theory and Comp (year one)
    IB Math
    Honors Chem (retaking to make up a D :mad:)
    First semester I pulled a 4.0 (or a 4.85 weighted) with those courses..

    So far, my senior year schedule looks like this:
    AP Gov/Civics
    AP English Lit and Comp
    AP Bio or Chem?????
    AP Pysics
    AP Calc b/c
    IB Music theory and composition

    First,how does this look alright? and bio a second year...or chem a third year?(I had to retake a semester..) Thanks a bunch, I have no idea what I would do without this website!!
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    That's stronger than mine. Can you pull a decent GPA though? Do you have more than just a strong schedule? Are those things that you'll Cary into the academy and pursue a career in?

    Those are the questions I asked myself. I took AP Physics and BC Calc, I could have taken AP Lit and what not, but I opted out. Best decision? I don't know. My counselor both at home and at the academy agreed it was good for me though. It's been a balancing act between those and everything else on my plate though. I took it all because I knew what I wanted to do later on in life, specifically physics rather then chem. I wish I would have done both though. However, it got me to where I'm at.

    I guess I'm really saying call the academy and ask them what fits you, because in the end that's all that matters.

    Hope that helped as sporadic as it was.
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    That is definitely a strong courseload. As Falcon stated, so long as you can balance it out and still maintain a strong GPA, you should be in a good position.

    By the way you should consider taking AP Chem instead of Bio, unless of course you feel weaker in Bio. :smile:

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