Senior Class Schedule on portal


Jan 29, 2017
I just sat down with my DS and looked over his portal. He has two nominations for the AFA, and everything shows completed except "Senior Class Schedule". He said he has asked his counselor to upload it several times to no avail. Does this need to be done by tomorrow? I told him to also contact his ALO to find out, but I want to get a quick answer if we are up against a fast approaching timeline.
...except "Senior Class Schedule"....Does this need to be done by tomorrow?...

If the document has been sent to Admissions your DS is most likely okay. At times it can take weeks for the portal to be updated to reflect documents they have received and processed. My son had a similar experience last year. My DS ultimately asked his high school counselor to email his USAFA Admissions Counselor who confirmed that everything was in order. As long as your DS' high school counselor has some documentation of having sent the document your DS should be safe.
Thanks for the info. I don't know if I trust the counselor actually did it. Followed up in an email with her and he also contacted his ALO. I'd hate for all of his hard work to come up short due to a counselor not doing their part.
I would have your son check in with his USAFA counselor. They are the ones who collect all of this information. His ALO is most likely just going to have to contact your USAFA counselor. We have always found them very helpful. Have your son send them an email with his concerns (not sure if his counselor sent the information USAFA has requested and wanted to verify if they had received it and just hadn't processed it you).
We found the glitch. His senior class schedule is on the same page as his transcripts. It's even noted on his portal, but still shows as missing from the checklist. He sent an email to admissions. And his HS counselor said they resubmitted just the schedule and transcripts updated through the first semester