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    How does the exchange program work between the Naval Academy and West Point? I heard that mids can attend West Point training like Airborne and Air Assault if on exchange. Is this true? Is West Point's summer training only offered during a certain semester (can a mid still participate in WP's summer training regardless of whether he/she exchanges during the fall or spring)? Thanks.
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    My info on this is only what I have observed and learned from sponsor sons and daughters over the years and presently.
    The exchange semesters occur 2/C year. Normal academic schedule, and midshipmen and cadets on exchange can participate in whatever is offered at that time and they are allowed to get into.
    We have had several sons and daughters from USNA take a block of VOLUNTARY summer training and go to USAFA to the jump training.
    At USNA, and am reasonably confident it generally applies at other SAs, you do what you are required to do during your SA's summer training. If you have a free summer block for other stuff and you can get permission on both sides to do it, go for it.
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    I have *heard* that a few USNA mids go to FOB Buckner with the WP cadets for their Cadet Field Training. WP Cadets do this as a class summer after plebe year.

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