Service Commitment for 4yr vs 3yr Scholarship

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by SoCal, Oct 14, 2011.

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    Several months ago I was on the Army ROTC website and thought I saw that the service commitment for a 3yr scholarship was less than that of a 4yr scholarship.

    Perhaps I misread?

    Today, I was back on the website and it states that the commitment is the same; 4yrs active and four IRR for ALL who receive a scholarship, even a 2yr scholarship requires a full service commitment. link

    If someone could verify this I'd really appreciate it. thanks
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    As I recall a non-scholarship AROTC cadet in Advanced Standing commissions as an officer with a 3 year AD obligation rather than 4. However, I don't know where I read that, and it does not seem to be supported by the Non-Scholarship Cadet contract, which is here: Note there is no specification for AD obligation... weird.

    **edit** here is the reference to 3 years AD commitment for a non-scholarship Advanced Standing contracted cadet:

    Per this ROTC Scholarship Contract, the AD commitment is 4 years regardless of the length of the scholarship (4, 3, or 2 yrs.).
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