SEVERAL CONCERNS (be prepared to read a lot)

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    I am 21 years old and set on applying to AFROTC and maybe AROTC (still deciding). I am waiting to receive my DODMERB packet but I have SEVERAL concerns. I am sure I will be DQ. Is there any hope to get commissioned? I am listing all of them below.

    1. I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 6. I was prescribed on medicine and had a few EEGs done over the years. By the age of 11 it was considered to be healed. My EEG came back normal and I no longer had to take medication. I have not had a single seizure since. I doubt my mom remembers the doctors name and I'm pretty sure she is retired now, as she was very old when she treated me and this was over 10 years ago. Not sure if I would be able to obtain the medical records.

    2. I had 3 ear tube surgeries. All done before the age of 8. The last was successful and I had them taken out a couple of years later. There is noticeable scarring from the last surgery but all in all my hearing is fine now. I dont think I can obtain the medical records b/c the doctor is long retired.

    3. A cavity in nearly every tooth. I have MONTHS of toothwork that needs to be done including root canals. I am taking care of that now. My wisdom teeth are removed and I have already gotten some root canals and fillings done. I heard that DODMERB no longer does dental exams though? Will they still request dental information?

    4. Allergy shots for food allergies until the age of about 12. No complications now. I have mild hay fever in the spring but its cleared up easily with Claritin.

    5. Moderate bunions. Although they are not severe, I was told over 10 years ago that I will eventually need surgery to remove them when my feet stop growing. I never got around to it. Other than being disgusting and embarassing to look at, they have caused me NO problems. I can walk for miles, participated in college cheerleading for 2 years, and horseback riding without any complications whatsoever. I am sure this will cause me an immediate DQ. What should I do? The program does not start until Sept and I dont think I will get my DODMERB exam until maybe July. Should I get the surgery asap and maybe they will let me waiver the surgery? I heard recovery from the surgery (if done by a skilled doctor) only takes a couple of weeks. Or should I let them see it and then get a note from a doctor that it causes me no problems and just leave them there? The bunions have pretty much stayed the same size for the past 13 years.

    Which of these 5 problems are certain to DQ me? (I'm already positive the bunions will). Can these all be waivered? I'm aware that the waiver process can take months? Will I still be allowed to participate in AFROTC even though the waiver requests would still be processing?
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