SF86 and security clearance?? help!!


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Dec 31, 2016
I contracted back in September, and I know i started filling out my SF 86 but idk if it ever went through because i none of my contacts were ever interviewed and i was never interviewed for my security clearance. how long after contracting does it take to get the clearance?
is the sf 86 something i signed when i contracted? because if so it wasn't complete, so is it possible to update?
Dude calm down.

Like the above says just check with your cadre. It takes them a while to do security clearances so they may have gotten to you and they may not have. I went through the process for my secret and none of my contacts were interviewed, neither was I. I didn't actually know if mine had gone through or not until someone else asked our cadre and told me off hand that they said that everyone that they put through for one got it. If there were no issues with our application then they didnt interview anyone.

So you may already have it and they just didnt bother to tell you. TS is different, they will interview ppl for you. However a lot of times they go back to your school months after you've already graduated, I interviewed for a cadet this past semester who'd graduated almost a year previously.

Edit: Also the SF86 is totally separate from whatever you signed when you contracted. You do have to sign it, but that's more of something to talk to your cadre about.