Ship Selection 2023

Do the mids pick the ships based on the location, or the class of ship? I would imagine most mids would have location as a priority for this first tour.
Mine chose based upon location first (San Diego) and then the class of ship, next. She had looked to see what ships were likely to be deployed soon after she would arrive, rather than one that was about to, or was in the yard. She also checked to see if the ship was scheduled to make a future change in homeport. She also tried to get intel on what the command climate was on the ships, before she chose. It was pretty exciting to watch when she made that selection 5 years ago!
Mine firstly chose the type of ship, and the culture it created. 2nd was the location (which in true simper gumby form, changed locations literally 5 minuets after ship selection…as he met up with the representatives from the ship after walking off the stage….).

Selection, and the reasons for, is as unique as each Mid. No single answer.
Mine: Small boy (DDG) as we're a DD family and you don't get lost in a sea of Ensigns, then location (warm, surfing, fishing, beaches), then deployment schedule...he got his #1 ship pic. His older cousin a USN Commander, said "Ship driving is in our blood". Me it's mostly Merchant Ships.
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