should I be worried?


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Aug 19, 2008
After a tough quarter in honors physics, it looks like my quarter grade will be a D and a C for the semester. This is my first D, and is my first grade lower than a C+. I just got two nominations last week so I'm kinda going crazy at this point. Will the Academy look at both quarters or just see the semester grade? And after saying that should I be worried?
You can easily find out by referring to your transcript, or asking your guidance counselor who sends your transcripts. If your school "reports" quarter grades as well as semester on your transcript, that's what they'll (the academy) will "see." If the school reports only semester grades on your transcript, then you're not in the do-do as deep as you fear. How that will affect your overall "score" however, is unknown. Good luck.
it depends on what your school sends, my school only sends semester grades
and also keep in mind it is an honors class
while i know you'll be worried about it regardless, keep putting your best foot forward, i think you'll get in no matter what and i'm rooting for you all the way