should I call?


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Jan 27, 2010
Called my congressman's office on last tuesday and they said they hve chosen who their nominated and would be notifying us in a few days. It it now thursday morning of the following week and I have not heard back. Should I call again?

Or maybe they don't send you anything if you didn't get it.. :frown:
Have you had your interviews with your senators already? If yes, then you might want to just hang in there and wait. If you haven't had your interviews with both the senators yet, you might call back to the congressman's office you did your interview with, and mention that you're concerned if you received a nomination yet. If you hadn't received one, you might look into seeing if there was anything in the congressman's interview that you improve on with your other interviews. If you've already interviewed with all 3 (rep and 2 senators), then there isn't anything that you gain from calling and asking if you received a nomination yet. A nomination isn't an appointment. It's just one of a number of steps to possibly receiving an appointment. And if you've done all 3 interviews, then there isn't anything you can do about it now. I know it's stressful and frustrating, but patience is a virtue. Who knows? Maybe the congressman wants to wait a couple more days and make it a good christmas present to the lucky individuals. Best of luck to you. Mike...
Nick, my DS did receive the dreaded "Dear John" letters from the nominating MOC's, but not until after January. I think they (should) follow up either way.
Receievd letter today from congressman. The date on the letter is Decomber 13, one day before I called.

Perhaps they mailed it out late or from D.C. but thank you for the replies everyone.

p.s. I got the nomination =]