Should you notify MOC's of scholarships and LOA's?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by chiromed0, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Our DS just received an AFROTC scholarship and should be getting an LOA from USMMA. I understand that the MOC's would want to know about the LOA before his interview (Jan '12). Unfortunately, one of our Senators has already declined a nom. but I think we've got 1 more that's not done yet and confers with the congresspersons so the don't double nominate.

    His first choice is USNA, USAFA, USMA and then USMMA followed by the ROTC's so while this is GREAT news he really would love for it to matter in helping him get an LOA & Nom for the other academies. I know they want to know about awards, test scores, etc. if updated but I would think this is worthy of updating an applicant's file. I posted this on other threads so sorry if this is the second time you've read this.

    Advice much appreciated.

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    I notified them when I received my LOA's by emailing a scanned picture of the LOA's.
    Way too risky to assume they will get it from the academy although the academy does send it to them...

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