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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by hellofriend123, Sep 25, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,
    Basically I have my DODMERB physical evaluation in the near future, however I am a bit concerned about being DQ'd for my shoulder arthroscopy for a labrum repair. I have read in some places as long as you have been fully functional from the last 6 months you will not get DQ'd. I have also read that any history of shoulder surgery or instability will cause a DQ. I had my surgery 2 years ago and I have no restrictions and got 70 pushups and 14 pullups on fitness test. Any suggestions let me know please, thank you!
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    No body here is a DoDMERB evaluator or qualified to give you medical advice. DoDMERB and your CFA are two different things, they won't be asking you to do 70 push ups in the exam room. I would direct your question to your RC. In the mean time, build your confidence in yourself that you "got this" and to the best you can on the CFA pain free. Keep yourself strong and injury free.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    That type of history is an automatic DQ. Search shoulder on here and you will read many such stories, including my son's.
    The 6 months you refer to is for any type of surgery.
    While waivers for this DQ are common there is no guarantee.
    For a waiver you will be asked to submit surgical reports as well as follow ups by the surgeon.
    You will also be able to submit statements from coaches etc attesting to your recovery.
    You will also be able to submit a personal statement. This gives you the opportunity to explain the entire episode, which is not always clear from the medical records.
    Also a strong CFA will help show you have recovered.
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    Tug boat is spot on...keep in mind though...a dq is by no means the end of the line...happens all the time. When you talk to your rc...ask about the waiver process. The service academy manages the waiver process. The best information you can get is for you to have the conversation with your rc. Good luck!
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    DQs are scary. Each DQ letter I got was a punch to the gut. Each time I thought "well, wonderful, this dream is done."

    But there are waivers so apply for a waiver (or two or three) and see what happens. Worked for me.

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