Shoulder Injury Disqualified


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Feb 4, 2018
Got the disqualified email over the weekend for shoulder injuries my freshman year in college. I am now a Jr and in AFROTC at Purdue.. How can I go about getting a waiver?? Should I get an updated letter from my Ortho Surgeon saying I am 100% full range and can do any and all activities?? Thanks
Talk to your detachment cadre. YOU cannot initiate a waiver request. The detachment commander can.

Read this flow chart and note the "in-college ROTC" comments in blue regarding wavers (lower left corner).

If you are a non-scholarship ROTC member, it is up to your Detachment or Battalion Commander to submit a request for waiver review to the Waiver Authority (WA), before a review will take place.
Do you by chance know of the best/most accepted letter from an Ortho Dr. for the release and 100% mobility? Or maybe how it should be written? That's what they are asking for but want to be prepared if the Dr. asked if he needs to word it a special way??
It would depend upon the mechanism and extent of the shoulder injury. Was it a glenohumeral dislocation?
A Hill Sachs Deformity typically (but not always) occurs during a dislocation.
This is what causes long term "instability of the shoulder" and is typically a DQ, because it increases the odds of another dislocation in the future.

If in fact your doctor can say that you have 100% range of movement and there is no significant difference in strength from one shoulder to the other, then maybe it will be okay.
No one can tell you what the outlook is. You should just get that letter from the Orthopod, and hope for the best.
The Air Force could move ahead with granting a scholarship, or not. It all depends upon the extent of your recovery and the needs of the Air Force, at that time.
We had no dislocation just a labriel tear and got that fixed and had some anchors put in. Back at doing everything like before and much stronger. So hope it goes the best way it can. Don't need a scholarship but would be nice Just want to serve in the Air Force.
Try to get a letter from an ortho doctor who has a military/DoDMERB background.