Shoulder pain, snapping scapula syndrome

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    To make a long stroy short, I started having shoulder pain immediately after wrestling with someone. The pain was fairly bad for about a year, but with physical therapy it has been greatly reduced, (it's been almost two years since the start of pain). I had x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, but they all were clean. So it's not 100% known what caused the pain, but Mayo Clinic suspected snapping scapula syndrome, which isn't damaging, just annoying.

    What are the chances of getting into the military, not just academy route, but OCS or enlisted?

    I was in the Navy DEP and and was let go because I wanted to get my shoulder looked at more, I was told nothing looked wrong and the pain should go, but I still had it... I would have shipped, but the recruiting staff didn't want to bother with me delaying my ship, don't blame them. Anyway, Mayo doctors said they see no limiting factors with my body for the military.

    Thank you for any insight.

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