Shoulder surgery

Feb 16, 2017
I’ll confess, I’ve been lurking for the past 2 months and recently starting posting. I am amazed at how much information I’ve learned in such a short time frame from all these parents, BGOs, applicants, etc. Thank you for sharing with everyone and for being a resource for others (like me and my DS). We’ve read through many posts, old and new, but DS and myself are still unclear about a few parts of the process.
DS is a junior attending NASS this June, then has Boy’s State right after. He was disappointed his SLE is still pending, but after reading several posts that it’s more of a recruiting tool- he felt better bc USMA is his dream! DS hurt his shoulder last season in hockey. He’s had an MRI (dislocated) and they suggested surgery (Bankart repair). He hasn’t had it yet bc his passion is baseball and didn’t want it to interfere with his junior year season. (It’s not his throwing arm, so it doesn’t bother him). He’s able to work out with no restrictions, too. Long story short, it was from reading on here that his shoulder could lead to a DQ. Love4monsters has been SO helpful!! After much discussion, he’s going for the surgery. He’s determined to serve & feels he has a lot to give, no matter if he’s appointed or ROTC. We are trying to figure out the ideal time to allow for best recovery time and still be considered for an appointment. We are meeting with the surgeon at the end of the month to go over some questions my DH and I have and set up a date. We are thinking beginning of Aug (June & July baseball showcases and vacation). USAFA has already sent along their info identifying him as competitive based on his SS application. If DS did his applications in July, could he maybe get his DoDMERB physical in Aug? Am I right to think DS will be DQ’d right away bc 1.) recovering from surgery or 2)if he hasn’t had surgery, DQ bc shoulder dislocation? We are hoping that he is competitive candidate. If so, he might be granted a waiver from any of the SAs? I’ve read that it’s 6 mth waiting period after surgery but is that for a waiver or for DoDMERB to follow up? I guess I’m asking if Aug will still work for DS’s surgery and trying for an appointment? Is it better to try to get an early DoDMERB exam? If DQ'd right away and none of his SAs request waiver, that's the end of the road, correct? Next focus on ROTC and plan B,C, and D? Anyone go through this surgery and receive and appointment- if so, what was the time frame? Is there anything we need to specifically ask the surgeon about the procedure that could hurt his chances (ie: one technique vs another)? Many thx in advance for your responses!
The key is recovery with "cleared for full and unrestricted activities".
My son received a waiver for AROTC for something similar.
The DQ is for the injury (history of...), not the surgery.
Yes surgery requires a waiting period (SAs seem to not always wait the six months) prior to Q.
Instead of waiting for the DQ/no appointment he should be focusing on plan B, C, etc at the same time.
If he waits for a negative response it could be too late for ROTC
Hmm how serious is his shoulder injury? I believe that you can only get a waiver for any type of surgery if it has been over a year since the operation date. I also had a bankart and slap repair on my shoulder due to multiple dislocations in my sophomore year. I finished my application around August and received a waiver request in October (FYI for westpoint they send the DODMERB exam when you finish the essay portion of the exam). Fortunately, they waived my injury. And yes, your DS will be DQ'd regardless of having surgery because he had a history of 'shoulder instability' which includes subluxations and dislocations. Overall, I think it comes down to how severe your DS's shoulder injury is. If it is minor and the MRI shows minimal damage and your doctor says he should be okay with some therapy, go this route. Otherwise, he may not be qualified medically. Sorry if these answers are unorganized lol, but if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask!