SHTF in Ukraine?

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    " In connection with the death of Ukrainian soldier lieutenant Kakurin S. the assault of the 13th Main Directorate of the photogrammetric center operational support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Simferopol) attackers, who were wearing military uniforms of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, to protect and preserve the life of Ukrainian soldiers , according to the decision of the Acting Supreme Commander Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Acting Minister of Defence of Ukraine, on the basis of the order of the Chief of General Staff - Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukraine military units of the Armed Forces stationed in Crimea, allowed the use of weapons. Reference. Today, March 18, 2014, during the storming of the 13th photogrammetric center in Simferopol, a direct hit to the heart area were killed Ensign Kakurin S., who was observant tower of the fleet. In addition, shot in the neck and arm were injured captain Fedun VA One Ukrainian soldier was seriously injured legs and head from the blows with batons, fittings and other items. The attackers were dressed in military uniforms of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation without insignia and armed with automatic weapons and sniper rifles. Unit commander Col. Andrew Andryushin, during which negotiations were captured, kept in a separate room and the power of force to the side of the Crimean people."

    Note: here is the link use Google chrome to translate.

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