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    I know there are a few threads on this but i am still getting mixed answers so here are some questions i have. What parts of the nrotc process are currently not operating because of the shutdown? Boards? Dodmerb? Staff at headquarters? Will boards continue to meet or will they be stopped? I had to email headquarters to change my nursing schools because of the reduction but it hasnt been reflected on my profile and i emailed them over a week ago. Is this because of the shutdown? Sorry i know im asking a lot of questions im just confused by all this.
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    DS Updated

    Along with a communication that was sent to my my DS from our MOC, he also was contacted by his NROTC recruiter. He was told that the board continues to meet and that he was very lucky to have had his application completed in June and ready for the 1st board. He was also told that there is a jam up with the applications that are not yet in front of the board because of the Gov shut down and that any notification may take some time. According to the recruiter the board continues to do their work.

    DoDMERB is down but unless you applied to a SA and completed your medical you will not get to this point unless awarded the NROTC scholarship.

    My DS also changed his No.5 school on his list prior to the shutdown, that has not been updated. Keep one thing in mind. Although you may send a change in your package you may not see this right away.

    Your not asking a lot of questions, ask away there are some really great people here that want to help you and anyother candidate.

    Tough time there will be many unanswered questions. Watch for any corrections or follow-ups to my response and your OP.

    Hang in there and all the very best to you on your journey.
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    My DS sent his updated ACT scores to his local recruiting contact and they replied back that they have submitted his new scores for his package. They also replied that the board has only met once so far and that the first results should come out in January. My DS was board ready in mid August.

    I don't know how correct these statements are but it's all the info we have heard so far.

    Has anyone else been told how many times the board has met?

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