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    Two recent entries I thought were noteworthy:

    Nov 7th issue:

    Walter Butler
    Bourne, Mass. > Football

    Butler, a 6'3", 215-pound senior linebacker at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, forced two fumbles and returned one 48 yards for a touchdown in a 34-6 win over Maine Maritime in the 39th annual Admiral's Cup. The Buccaneers reclaimed the traveling trophy for the first time in eight years. Butler, who leads NCAA Division III in forced fumbles, added seven solo stops, including four for losses totaling 16 yards, a pair of sacks, two quarterback hurries and a pass breakup.

    Nov 14th issue:

    Akile Jones
    Camp LeJeune, N.C. > Football

    Akile, a 5'8", 150-pound senior running back at LeJeune High, rushed for 490 yards and six touchdowns in 35 carries to set the North Carolina single-game rushing record and surpass the 2,000-yard season rushing mark in a 47--30 win over Dixon High. The LeJeune High Devilpups are all children of active duty U.S. Marines, and this is the first year since Akile was a freshman that his father, Gunnery Sgt. Hal Jones, previously deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been able to watch his son play.

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    I was able to meet Tennessee Titan FB Ahmard Hall one day as a friend and VP of the Titans took me for a tour of the Titan's practice facility. Hall was a nice guy, and I didn't catch him name. I thought he was a member of the training staff.

    Found out as we were walking away, Hall is the starting RB and was a prior U.S. Marine. He used his GI bill to go to college and next stop was the NFL. Interesting track.
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    Go Buccaneers:thumb:. Had the great honor of meeting and talking to Ricky Dobbs at graduation. A real gentleman as were all of the other graduating Seniors we met on that day.

    Also got to be a driver and escort for Marv Flemming, Mannny Fernandez and Larry Csonka at the Walter Camp Dinner. Mr. Flemming let me wear his Super Bowl Ring at the dinner table. Told him it was stuck on the finger and he told me either the hand or the ring comes back. I could have gotten two fingers in the ring.

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