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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Mauler32, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Good news - bad news story. Good news - son received a four year NROTC scholarship and a four year Type 2 AFROTC scholarship in Dec/Jan. Bad news - only applied to three colleges including a 'safety' school all of which had both Navy and AF ROTC programs. Clearly overestimated and 'under-applied' since he was rejected at two of the schools and waitlisted at the third. Now find ourselves in the position of having two full scholarships and nowhere to use them.

    Yes, I know - poor planning but this is our oldest son and we all got a little over confident with the early scholarship awards. 20/20 hindsight at this point but it was very surprising that the 'safety' school didn't come through.

    I'd appreciate any ideas/advice on what to do next. Anybody have info on schools that have late/rolling admissions or possibly schools that will accept a late application from a full paying applicant? Thanks -
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    I was given this information from a helpful poster for NROTC:

    LT Erin Connor
    NSTC Officer Development
    Selection and Placement
    (850) 452-9419
    fax: (850) 452-2486

    Unfortunately, my son was not offered NROTC but received AFROTC and we are fighting for a medical waiver. Regardless, she was able to email me a list of schools that still had openings, at the time. Good Luck!

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    Try Montana State University-
    Beautiful scenery.
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    Get movin! Rolling admissions schools first....

    Speak with Erin ASAP. Don't know how/why the officer recruiters DO NOT stress this issue more.

    Seriously consider schools with a cadet program too. Know the first year is a bit of a bummer and all, but in the long-run gives the kids much needed basics to better perform in OCS Junior summer.

    Look at the Maritime Academies - Maine Maritime in particular. These schools tend to offer "Licensing" programs directly out of school and down the road when the military committment is finished these can be near immediately transferred to great job opportunities!

    Erin will send you a long list. Review carefully. She should also know where availability is open....

    Good luck and Go Navy!
    Bob McMahon
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    Wow :eek:

    I know exactly what you mean.
    Same situation ( Same exact scholarships), but the schools I wanted to attend, ended up denying me as well.
    Right now I am not sure on where to go, but I'll have to decide soon because the deadline for turning those scholarships are around the corner!

    Well good luck and I hope everything turns out well. :thumb:

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