Similarities/Differences Between The Academies

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    As all of us know, there are a lot of similarities between each of the Academies. I thought that it'd be interesting to point out training methods and that sort of thing between them.

    Incoming Year

    USMA- First Day of Cadet Basic Training is known as R-Day. Here, the New Cadets will spend 6 weeks learning the customs of their branch. (known as plebes)

    USNA-First day of Plebe Summer is I-Day. The midshipmen will spend 7 weeks learning about the Navy and Marine Corps.

    USCGA- First day is known as R-Day. The new cadets, known as Swabs, will experience 7 weeks of Swab Summer, with one of those weeks dedicated to sailing on the tall ship EAGLE.

    USAFA- Training begins on I-day. BCT (pronounced BEAST)- or Basic Cadet Training will last 6 weeks until the "Doolies" (also known as 4 degrees) earn their shoulder boards, which signifies their acceptance into the Cadet Wing.

    USMMA- Plebes will undergo 2 weeks of Indoctrination before the start of their trimester.

    Would anybody like to elaborate on this part/ add an further information?

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