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    I just finished the book Absolutely American by Davis Lipsky. Lipsky, was a Rolling Stone writer who chronicles daily life at the USMA. I am interested in USNA. Can anyone tell me if there are simialrietes in the book to USNA and if so what are they. Also are there any books like this about USNA?
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    I've heard that Tales from Annapolis is a good book. describes it as....

    "Collection of 91 stories from 61 graduates of US Naval Academy from classes of 1934 through 1994 relating personal experiences from their Midshipman days. It is humorous, candid, eye-opening and entertaining. Contributing authors include a former US President, a former head of the CIA, a former Chief of Naval Opertions and a former head of Naval Intelligence, as well as numerous other Academy grads who share the conviction that if these stories are not set down in writing for posterity, they will be lost for all time."

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