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Jan 20, 2008
I have a procedural question about waivers. If Mr. Mullen could chime in id really appreciate it.

Im starting AFROTC next month. Over the last year, Ive fought a battle with dodmerb to get cleared for sinusitis. After going to an Air Force ENT, I finally got a waiver for it. The sinusitis doesnt really affect me, but I do notice it is there. I have a prescription decongestant that my doctor gave me. The ENT said the medication is probably controlling the problem and i should be fine.

Nothing has changed but I would like to solve this issue. The medication Im on now may be controlling it, but id like to go to my doctor and maybe get some antibiotics that might get rid of the problem altogether. My question is that if i went to my doctor and got a NEW medication, like an antibiotic, would this put my waiver in jeopardy? In order to remain commission qualified, do I have to continue on in the same circumstances as i was when the waiver was approved? I would like to try something new to see if it would help, but i dont want to put what i have in jeopardy.
I don't know the particulars of your case, but I certainly wouldn't characterize that you had to fight a battle with DoDMERB...DoDMERB reviews the medical exam, medical history, in accordance with the DoD standards. DoDMERB then renders a determination as to whether the applicant MEETS or does NOT MEET medical accession standards. We have no vested interest in the applicants, other than serving as the honest broker in applying those standards and providing the best customer service possible.

The waiver authorities, in your case, Air Education and Training Command Surgeons office, serve as the medical decision makers who ensure the Air Force and the applicant will be able to be trained, commissioned, and be world-wide deployable without restrictions. They perform a risk analysis, focused on ensuring the condition will not be aggravated by military service and that service, would not place the applicant or the folks he/she is charged with leading, in additional danger.

That said, the best way to answer that question is to go to the waiver authority and ask your question of them. I will send you a private email on the forum for you to ask your question directly of them OR pls send me a private email ( or on the Forum and tell me what medication you are on (waiver granted) and what medication is being considered. I will then ask the generic question for you. How does that sound?:thumb: