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    Just wondering what the sit up position is for the APFT. It was arms crossed over chest for CFA but I thought I might have read somewhere that it is hands laced behind head for the APFT and I was hoping someone could confirm/deny that for me. Thanks!
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    For regular sit-ups, the start position is with the back flat on a mat or
    some soft surface, knees bent at a
    90-degree angle with your feet flat
    on the mat (back, buttocks and feet
    are all on the same surface), and
    fingers interlocked behind your head
    throughout the exercise (Figure 7A).
    Someone must hold the top of your
    feet during the exercise, or you can
    secure your feet under a fixed surface.
    To complete a repetition, raise your
    upper body forward by curling your
    torso to the vertical position (back of
    the neck forms a straight vertical line
    with your hips, Figure 7B), and then
    lower your body until your shoulder
    blades make contact with the floor
    (Figure 7A)."

    From the Physical preparation guide for appointees regarding the APFT. :thumb:

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