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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by dadkone, Jun 7, 2010.

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    I would like to gift my 2014 cadet grandson with a ski pass, if this is feasible. My question is whether it is better for him to purchase directly from the facility (Keystone Mountain, etc.) or with the Academy ski club. Either way, can you advise as to what the amount of purchase might be -- roughly?
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    The Liberty Pass sold at the AFA Rec Center in the fall is good for unlimited skiing at Keystone and Arapahoe Basin. This past year it was $189 which is the military price. You won't find that good of pricing anywhere else. Seems like ski rental for the season was $125 for skis, boots, and poles. Our cadet got both this past year (his freshman year) and went skiing numerous times. He has now bought skis of his own. Since you can't buy those items now, you may just have to give him a IOU to pay for them in the fall.
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    Here is a link with the passes available for Colorado:

    There is a military discount, but I am not sure what it is. There is a number to call on the website with questions.

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    Depends how much skiing your son will want to do and where at. The Academy's outdoor rec center offers the Liberty Pass for about $180 which is good at Keystone and A Basin. Most 4*s get this pass. I personally went with the Colorado Pass. It's about $330 if your 18 or under, and $450ish if older. The Colorado Pass gets you unlimited Keystone, A Basin, and Brek, and 10 days to Vail and BC. It also gets you 6 ski with a friend discounts - saves about $30-40 off a full price ticket. If you plan on skiing with your son at all, the Colorado Pass is not a bad deal.
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    Another option, which I found better than the Liberty Pass was the Patriot Pass (Liberty as a 4 and 3 dig, Patriot as a 2 dig and firstie). The Patriot Pass allows unlimited skiing at Winter Park and Copper Mountain for $200. Add $20 (must do this before Nov) and you can make it the PLUS pass which adds 6 days at Steamboat (one day is usually $100). Steamboat is, IMO, better than Vail. I think the Patriot options are less crowded parks and more fun personally from my experience over 4 years!

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