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    No, the title isn't a joke but it does get the point across as to who this is targeting. If you are on a team like football where you were coached well with conditioning you can move on to the next forum.

    If you were an athlete that played mostly individual sports or blew off and learned next to nothing about working out from your coaches and want to get into a lot better athletic shape in a short period of time and do so in a comprehensive way that will help with your BCT and for the rest of the time at any SA then take a few minutes to study the links. I decided to share this because I want you guys to succeed and I want something comprehensive you skinny kids can take into the gym and follow. In doing research we found this: a well thought out, proven weight training and dynamic days conditioning program intermixed and on a sheet you can take to the gym and follow easily enough and modify over time to keep things from getting stale. Add extra pushups, situps, pullups when wanted. Take the PFT tests about every week or two and track your progress. With programs like this you will get better at all of the events, it's unavoidable, as long as you don't injure yourself. I'd recommend investing in a personal trainer for at least a session or two just to show you the proper form for the exercises and help you find the ideal weights for you starting out and help interprit the program if you need help with the lingo.

    safety box squat for beginners which I like a lot

    This would be in addition to doing daily 3 - 5 mile runs at a 9 or better minute per mile clip to get and keep that part of things in shape. I would say that at USAFA, from personal experience and talking with cadets, you need to run a lot more in preparation than you do at the other SAs just to help you with the altitude. Yes, you will slowly get acclimated if you are there full time for a month or so, sort of, but they aren't going to give you a month off. To get your stamina up so you can at least finish runs half way decently (forget personal bests for a while) during the summer while you are getting aclimated, run a LOT of miles per day on a soft track/grass. If you are running indoors because of the weather on a canted track make sure you alternate directions frequently or run on the least banked part of the track because you can and will eventually develop injuries running indoors on banked tracks in the same direction over time with the amount of daily running suggested. Use running shoes on the well cushioned side of the ledger for these daily workouts too.

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