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    What does a slate mean verses a region? My DS BGO said that only about 10 appointments from our region (region 4) have been given out ( mostly recruited athletes/ principal noms and LOA) and typically they have 40+/- appointments from this region. He said he would put my DS in the top 10-15 of the candidates remaining. Of course this sounds like good news but that was about 2 weeks ago. Can anyone explain what a slate is ( is it MOC) and what region is? Do they review candidates in the national pool by region? Also how many regions are there? Confused:confused:
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    A region is the USNA breakdown of candidates, mostly by geography across the U.S. (groups of states), territories, etc. and Fleet/NAPS. 5 Regions (4 geographical regions, 1 region is Fleet/NAPS).

    Slate is the submission of nominations from an official nominating source based on eligibility (i.e. for MOC's - Senators by state and Congressmen by district).

    I don't think that only 10 appointments from the region have been given out...that can't be right -- maybe it's 10 from your area (a sub-category/division of the region).

    Admissions initially reviews by slate (i.e. slate winners) after that, I am not sure there is a set way it is done.

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