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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by pewpew, Mar 12, 2016.

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    An applicant from my district was accepted to NAPS 2 weeks ago. Does this mean that the slate for my district has been reviewed already? I only became medically qualified making me 3Q'd AFTER the applicant from my district got accepted to NAPS. Does this mean that while they were reviewing my district's slate, my application wasn't qualified, so they didn't review it?
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    No one on this board is going to be able to give you a definitive answer.
    IMHO, mostly based on the fact that it is mid March and add the NAPS award, my guess is that they have reviewed your slate. But they did not skip you. If your application was complete pending medical or medical waver they could still review the slate including you.

    Around now admissions has probably sent out the bulk of their awards, but there are still more to come. They have identified those that are far down on they rankings and TWEs are starting to come out. You don't have a TWE, so you are still in the hunt. Its crunch time. Admissions is working on filling out the class. they are shuffling nomination sources to make sure they have met their statutory requirements, and working on the national pool.

    It is crunch time. All you can do is wait for plan A, B, C... to come true.
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    USNA no longer tells applicants if they are 3Q. How it is that your know or are you assuming you are 3Q?
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    A NAPS offer does not mean the slate has been reviewed. The Admissions Board recommend NAPS/Foundation offerings, which means a candidate is not board qualified. Furthermore, slate decisions are reviewed separately from the Admissions Board. One does not impact the other. I wouldn't doubt that Admissions Board are still reviewing candidates, so while it is mid-March, there are still 30+ days (which might not seem long, but it is quite a bit of time) for everyone's status to be determined.

    Bottom one here knows and a guess is a have better odds flipping a coin.
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