SLE 2017


Dec 20, 2016
Has anyone heard yet about SLE acceptances yet? My DS applied as soon as it opened, hasn't heard anything yet. It was strange that there was no info about transcripts or grades, I am hoping we didn't miss anything.
My DS did SLE last year. He didn't hear back from WP until March. He loved it! Good luck!
I haven't heard anything yet either and I submitted it as soon as it opened.
I also applied as soon as the application opened. Still haven't heard anything. Best of luck to all applicants!
I received my acceptance 2-3 weeks after applying. I still remember that day when I got a strange email while eating KFC.. hopefully I'll get a big envelope the next time I hear from West Point.. Best of luck to you all!
I'm in the same predicament, I applied January 14th (one day before it opened, but application still went through). I've been a little antsy lately because my friends last year heard back within a matter of days and weeks. I'm sure emails will be coming soon.
Yes, my older son applied last year, heard back in a few days. Younger son applied on the 15th, has not heard. Sounds like no one has though , so I guess we just wait.