SLE 2018 Conflict,etc


Jan 14, 2018

First of all, congratulations to those who got in to SLE already (I'm hoping to get mine soon!).

(To those who attended last year..) Should I get accepted, do I need to let USMA SLE admission officers know if I have ACT on June 9th? Because by the time I finish taking the ACT that day it would be approximately 1PM PST (In California) and I wasn't sure whether if I'm allowed to arrive at SLE few hours or a day late after taking the ACT.

This will be my last opportunity (possibly) to take it as I do have a choir trip that occurs in April and I would like to get some time to focus on subject tests (SAT) after ACT.

Thank you so much and I will greatly appreciate any helpful responses!
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Hopefully any alumnis will be able to know some sort of answer to this question.. Any responses would still be greatly appreciated!
I’m no expert, but I think your Regional Commander can give you the best answer on this. Either that or the person at admissions who is in charge of SLE.