SLE 2018 No Confirmation


Jan 29, 2018
First time posting here, I'm just a really nervous person

I applied to SLE 2018 the day we could apply, and saw the page error that many other people experienced after submitting.

Is there any reason I haven't received anything pertaining to SLE admission?
That’s odd. Many kids applied the first day and started to hear sometime in mid-Feb. My DD got that same message too.

You may want to call them to confirm they got your app. I probably wouldn’t ask if you got in or not (might irritate them).

If you frame your question in terms of confirming they got your app, then I think that’s a legit question to ask. If you’re lucky, they may even tell you more.
What does your portal say? When you log into you candidate portal, you should find a link that says "SLE Information and Files." When you click on that, you should be able to see your SLE status. If you have not heard anything about admission, your status should say "PENDING." Hope that helps.
I had the same message when I applied (or at least I think).

I was accepted on February 15th. Check your Candidate Portal, and if your SLE Status doesn't read "PENDING" or "ACCEPTED/IN PROGRESS" then you'll know something didn't go right. I'm sure if you email admissions if it says you haven't submitted anything they'll help you figure everything out.