SLE Application Updates- Class of 2023


USMA 2023
Dec 31, 2017
Hey guys, I am new to the SA forums although I have been spectating without an account for a while. Anyway, I am curious as to who, if anyone, has received an update on their SLE application yet. I understand most of the candidates will be released in the months to come but I think it would be smart to use this thread as a platform for anyone who is curious about when other candidates have been accepted. Good luck to all!
It’s like that “hurry up and wait” thing Military people always talk about is really true! Lol. My DS is anxiously awaiting to hear something as well.
Hello! I spoke with my Regional Commander at an admissions event Monday. He says that they will begin to come out in about a week (so possibly starting Friday). I think I can speak for all 2023 candidates in saying that the anticipation is killing us, as it's the first major correspondence between admissions and applicants.

We have a GroupMe with about ten hopeful 2023's to talk about various admissions and school related things. PM me if you'd like to be added once you have posted enough on the forums, we do a lot of discussing of SLE and other West Point things there!
My DS applied to SLE also on Jan 16. Anxiously waiting because of the starting date, only 2 days after NASS (already accepted). We live in Florida but grandma is 5hrs from Annapolis and not too far from West Point. Good luck!!