SLE emails sent to Gmail SPAM folder

Dec 16, 2020
Gmail filtered all of DS's USMA SLE emails (including the offer) to his SPAM folder. The emails were from different accounts at

We got lucky in that we were checking the SPAM folder for something else and saw the SLE offer emails. Whew! I hope this doesn't happen to others, but you might want to check your spam folders regularly. If you're tech savvy, you should be able to set rules to keep emails out of spam.
Yes to all of above, this has happened to DS too. It's the automatic email filters. If you're expecting SLE email, please check SPAM and make sure to move the "good" emails to Inbox. Also DO add the USMA sender email address(es) to contacts or a positive filter saving such emails to a non-spam folder such as a custom folder you created.

Best of luck!
Hey All

There is an easy way to keep the USMA emails from going to SPAM. You just need to create a filter in Gmail. Here is a link with instructions ... just adding the email address to your contacts is often not enough.

Good luck!